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Last week’s wind and continual rain resulted in lots of hazardous conditions. We received a call on Saturday morning that a customer had just had this tree fall on their house. We got to work right away because we know that whenever you have tree limbs puncturing a roof you have water damage coming your way. The surroundings were difficult on account of steep terrain and narrow access. We contacted the local crane operators but they stated they will not mobilize if the wind was over 25mph. Also, the driveway was way too steep and narrow for crane access. Challenge accepted! We love a good rigging operation 🙂 We climbed adjacent trees and set up our rigging blocks and rope for some mechanical advantage and had little trouble raising the tree off of the structure. Once we had the tree safely pieced out and cleaned up we took the time to tarp the damage to stop any future water damage.

It’s important to remember when calling tree crews to clean up your fallen trees off of structures not to waste valuable time getting quotes and estimates. In the long run, you will be saving your insurance company more money with a fast response to mitigate any future water damage and restoration costs.

Also, it costs way less to have these potential problem trees removed before they become a hazardous situation. You may consider having an Arborist over for a consultation, we can site map and label your trees to help mitigate any claims before they happen.